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2017 Wirewound Resistor’s Professional Group Meeting Held in Shenzhen Pak Heng.
Time:2017-12-7 16:03:45
2017 Wirewound Resistor's Professional Group Meeting Held in Shenzhen Pak Heng. The China Electric Component Association Resistor and Potentiometer Branch 2017 wirewound resistor professional group meeting was held in Shenzhen. Pak Heng Company, as a governing unit and located in Shenzhen, is hereby responsible for the preparations for the meeting. The total number of participants was 60. The attendees included the director of the branch secretariat Guan Yingui, Secretary General Xin Wei, Minister of Aerospace Eight, Hua Junkang, General Manager of Shanghai Kara Electronics Co., Ltd. Yang Zhiming, and General Manager of Sichuan Yongxing Electronics Co., Ltd. Ye Debin and resistors peer and entrepreneurs in the supporting industry. The meeting was first greeted by Mr. Zeng Zhixiong, the general manager of Shenzhen Pak Heng Electronics Co., Ltd., and shared the 25-year corporate culture and development achievements of Pak Heng.Secretary General Mr. Xin, General Manager Yang Zhiming, and Mr. Chen Guoyue, the director of the special craftsman of Guangdong Jieyang Meidefu Electronics Co., Ltd., gave speeches also. In the afternoon, all of them visited Pak Heng Electronics's and Pak Heng Technology's Factory to study on site and gained a lot. Finally, all the people took a group photo at Pak Heng and the meeting ended successfully.




Contact Telephone: 86-755-86229698
Fax: 86-755-86229508
Contact: Miss Barbara Mu    Mobile phone:86-13928486269
Address: The 3rd Industrial,Yanchuan,Songgang,Baoan District,Shengzhen 518105 China

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