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Shenzhen PakHeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86-755-86229698
Fax: 86-755-86229508
E-mail: sales01@pakheng.com
Contact: Miss Barbara Mu
Address: The 3rd Industrial,Yanchuan
,Songgang,Baoan District
 ,Shengzhen 518105 China

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Pak heng is a professional manufacturer enterprise, which has two factories in china with 20,000 square meters workshop area, engaged in the resistance designingmanufacturing and marketing.

Pak heng has companies in Tai wan and Hong Kong which are engaged in main raw materials purchasing and the finance operation .as one of the first resistors manufacturers that got the ISO certificates ,we got the ISO9002 certificate in 1995.Got the CQC certificate of the all safety resistors in 1997,got the ISO9001 in 2002,got the ISO14001 in 2005,got the IEC QC080000 in 2009,got the CE in2012,and the got IATF16949 in 2013.

Due to our outstanding quality and excellent services, we won a good reputation in the resistors industry filed.. we have strong technical team, advanced production equipments and test instruments, all the main raw materials are purchased from Germany
Japan and Taiwan. In the production process ,we strictly carry out the IEC standards, as well as the Japan JIS or America MIL standards according to customers special requirements. We can produce all series resistors, such as Carbon Film ResistorsMetal Film ResistorsMetal Oxide Film ResistorsFuse ResistorsMetal Glaze ResistorsWirewound ResistorsCement ResistorsCeramic Tube ResistorsAluminum Housed ResistorsMilliohm ResistorsTransducer Braking Resistors CabinetPower CabinetConcatenate Aluminum Housed Resistorsand Crowbar Resistors.

As one of the SONY Green Partners, we strictly follow the SONY SS-00259 and ROHS standards to manage the related chemistry substance according to the REACH requirements since 2008.

As one of the biggest resistors manufacturers in China, we follow the ‘Excelsior quality’business tenet and ‘Satisfied and Exceeded the customers requirements’ service promise ,and establish long-term business relationships with various famous enterprises all over the world .we are trying out best to become the leader of resistors industry field.

Contact Telephone: 86-755-86229698
Fax: 86-755-86229508
E-mail: sales01@pakheng.com
Contact: Miss Barbara Mu    Mobile phone:86-13928486269
Address: The 3rd Industrial,Yanchuan,Songgang,Baoan District,Shengzhen 518105 China

粤ICP备06117575号-1 Website:Heyou51

Kindly Reminder,for your ease of reference pelease see the www.pakheng.com if you in china and please see the www.phresistors.com if you in overseas. Thank you !

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